This is my retooled blog, which takes over for Newsprint in my Blood. This will have some commentary on local media, but it will focus on the future of journalism and the changing toolkit its practitioners must employ.

I will look at good and bad Web sites and good and bad examples of multimedia with the realization that I am late coming to the party but eager to have fun nonetheless.

I hope it is a fun read for my friends and colleagues, but I will be writing it also as a training tool for my students.


One Response to “About this blog”

  1. judi l Says:

    TR: Glad to see you blogging again! Thanks to Randy Turner’s plug, I found your new site. I’ll check in regularly. Even though I’ve stopped advising, I still have reporting in my blood, or aged brain, or arthritic fingertips. Congratulations on getting close to finishing the Master’s. Back in the crazy 60s, I was actually on faculty at Pittsburg State! Small world, 6 degrees, whatever. Happy New Year and have a good spring semester. Judi Linville

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